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To bring back the wonderful writing experience of the Golden Age, we produce great American-made fountain pens that we stand behind with a Ten Year Warranty.

To give you the best combination of writing experience and economy, we furnish our pens with superb nibs, in your choice of steel or 14K gold, from JoWo Berliner Schreibfeder GmbH. Founded in 1852, JoWo is Germany’s most exper­i­enced producer of steel nibs. Our nib units are user interchangeable, and replacement nib units in both steel and 18K gold (also from JoWo) are available from your retailer.

Operating and Maintenance Instructions for Our Pens

Manufacturer logoPen capFills Like Lightning, Writes Like a Dream! In 1904, Alfred B. Davis patented a filling system that, even today, remains the quickest and most positive self filler ever invented. Davis’ “plunger” filler made its commercial appearance on pens branded post, and for this reason it is sometimes referred to as the Post filler. Today it’s often referred to as a syringe filler for its similarity to the operation of an ordinary medical syringe. The Belmont Pen takes its name from one of the brands sold during the Golden Age by the famous Rexall chain of drug stores, but Rexall’s Belmont never used this simple filling system. We have used modern materials technology to bring you a great pen that’s ideal for quick jotting as well as for extended journaling. (And we’ve even designed the filler for easy repair should it ever be needed.) With its ink capacity of 1.8 ml, you’ll be able to steer clear of the ol’ ink bottle all day long—but you won’t have to, because the Belmont Pen is so quick and easy to flush that you can change ink colors almost as fast as you can change hats. It’s the perfect pen for every “inkophile”! At 57/16" capped and 615/32" posted, the Belmont is a full-sized pen (but not oversize), designed to fit almost every hand. It handles beautifully either posted or unposted.

The Belmont Pen

Manufacturer logoPen capFill It With Ink - Use It 5 Days! Claims the ad in the Nov 1926 Boy's Life Magazine. Our New Postal was designed based on the Postal Pen Company's Postal Reservoir Pen that first came on the market in about 1925. Ahead of their time in the mail order business, the Postal Pen Co. sold direct to the consumer through the mail. Their "quirky" marketing plan included sending five premium post cards worth $.50 off on the purchase of another Postal Pen. Their ad suggests that you can easily sell the post cards for $.50 each, thus making your Postal Pen free as they sold for $2.50. While we have no "quirky" marketing that can garner a free pen, we can offer you a quality US manufactured modern replica for a very reasonable sum. At 5-11/16" capped and 7-11/32" posted this is a very nice size pen.

The Belmont Pen

Manufacturer logoIn 1920, Charles Dunn patented a pump filling system that he said had taken him 10 years to perfect. The next year saw the Dunn-Pen Company founded, without Dunn’s help but having purchased the right to his design, to produce “The Fountain Pen With The Little Red Pump-Handle.” The Dunn-Pen company lasted less than four years, going out of business in 1924 due to labor problems. The New Dunn Pen is today’s incarnation of Charles Dunn’s elegant design. With no rubber sac or diaphragm to rot or wear out, the New Dunn Pen is simplicity itself, and it holds an incredible 3.4 ml of ink! We have restyled the Little Red Pump-Handle, but that’s the only change to the design. The New Dunn Pen even comes in the same two colors offered nearly a century ago: the Standard and the “Tattler.” The Standard, all black except for the Little Red Pump-Handle, is the dignified one of the pair, while the “Tattler’s” transparent barrel gives you a good view of your ink supply — and the fun of watching that nifty pump do its thing. At 53-3/8" capped and 7-1/16" posted, it’s a good-sized pen.

The New Dunn Pen

Made with Pride in the United States of America

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