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About Us

The Gate City Pen Company has its origins in Nashua, New Hampshire. It proudly takes its name from the history of the region. Located right on the New Hampshire/Massachusetts border, Nashua is known as the Gate City of New Hampshire. One of New England’s great old textile mill towns, it sits on—and its mills drew their power from—the Nashua River at its confluence with the Merrimack River, a major commercial waterway from the time this area was opened up to European settlers until well into the 19th century, when Nashua was also a center of railway commerce.

Richard BinderJim BaerFounded in 2010, Gate City Pen started as an informal partnership between Richard Binder (left) and Jim Baer (right). Together, they have more than 40 years’ experience using, collecting, and re­pairing fountain pens. They established Gate City Pen to do something that nobody else was doing: bring back some of the most unusual and intriguing pen designs from the Golden Age. Yankee ingenuity isn’t dead yet!

When we talk about Golden Age designs, we’re not just talking about looks. Others have covered that ground al­ready, some successfully and some not. No, what we mean is the actual functional designs that made those pens so cool. With the durability and performance advantages to be gained from modern materials, we are creating simple, reliable, attractive, and affordable pens made right here in the United States of America, in the great tradition of the old American pen companies. We have no monster molding machines that can spew out hundreds of pens an hour. Our pens come one at a time from the hands of real people, people dedicated to giving you the best writing experience you’ll find anywhere.

Mike & LindaNow a second generation continues in the path set forth by the founders. With the same love for the inginuity and creativity of the craftsmen of the Golden Age, we will continue to bring you same quality and craftsmanship that you have come to know from Gate City Pens.

Mike & Linda Kennedy


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