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Fountain pen

EIGHTY YEARS AGO, when someone said, “Don’t leave home without it,” it wasn’t a charge card. It was a fountain pen. Back then, there were no ball­point pens; and just like a good watch, a good fountain pen was an every­day essential. Times have changed. You don’t have to have a fountain pen anymore—but you don’t have to do without one, either.

Modern Pens, Vintage Flair

We make fountain pens. Good pens, built one at a time the old way—by real people—not churned out hundreds per hour by a machine. We’re all about fountain pens that you can love using.

Some of the best pens ever made appeared between the two World Wars, during the time we look back on as the Golden Age of the Fountain Pen. Those are the pens we're bringing back: simple, reliable, attractive, and affordable.

Part of using a fountain pen is taking care of it. Keeping your pen clean means flushing it periodically. We recommend J.B.’s PERFECT PEN FLUSH, a unique, time-tested formulation that is ideal for cleaning out old ink and improving your pen’s performance.


Now Available!

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